Weather and tracking good light.

Some of the best times to go out and shoot is during stormy weather. When a storm is rolling in or just heading out you can find some of the best light. I tracked a storm that seemed to be fast moving and decided to find a location with some interesting compositions. 

Here are a few tips. Use your weather apps to find where storms are predicted and then use the radar to see the direction of the storm. It's always best to know your area well so you have some go to spots for great compositions. You can use a website like or 500px and use the map option to search where people took photos from. I use these to find locations I haven't been to but then find different compositions rather than taking the same photo everyone else has taken. 

Remember to be safe out there during stormy weather but when done right you will definitely get better images. 


 East Point Lighthouse - Maurice Twp, NJ.

East Point Lighthouse - Maurice Twp, NJ.

Michael Duncan