Blizzard of 2016

A blizzard decided to drop 1-2 feet of snow in Southern New Jersey and the Philadelphia area. I couldn't help but to take to the trails with my backpack full of camera gear to create a few images.

I went to a local trail which is part of Ceres Park located in Mantua and Pitman, NJ. It's a great place to get away and enjoy a little nature. In addition to the 18 inches of snow there is a flowing stream and lake with miles of trails.  For a photographer, this creates an interesting landscape to take some really great pictures.

Now there is nothing wrong with just taking a picture of the amazing landscape but I figured why not pull out a flash or two and put myself into the image. Luckily I had my trusty tripod, a remote shutter trigger and a few other gadgets to make this work. All in all I had a great time getting some exercise, enjoying nature and of course enjoying photography.