Cliff Mautner Lighting Skillset Bootcamp

In late 2015, I had the amazing opportunity to attend a three day workshop with one of the best wedding photographers in the business, Cliff Mautner.  For those that don't know him, Cliff is known and recognized in the Photography industry as one of the top ten wedding photographers in the world. Luckily for me I only live  about 20 minutes from his Haddonfield, NJ studio so when I realized I could sign up for his 3 day Lighting and Skillset Bootcamp I quickly enrolled.  

I was one of the 20 photographers that came from around the world to attend this advanced lighting and skillset bootcamp. Photographers arrived after traveling great distances such as Australia, UK, Canada, Hawaii and all parts of the United States. All of us were eager to learn the secrets behind the great dramatic images he is known for. Cliff is a master of making great images in even the harshest of light, as in 12 noon on a hot August day.

Throughout the 3 day bootcamp I met some amazing photographers and we all worked together learning new skills and sharing pictures of our work. One day we went into the historic area of Philadelphia to shoot in Washington Square to learn how to make great portraits in the harsh sun. We also headed to City Hall to capture some great dramatic portraits. We all learned how to look for the right light and to position our models in the exact locations to capture great highlights and shadows.

Over the three days Cliff opened himself and his studio to us. No question went unanswered and there were no industry secrets. I've added a gallery titled "Cliff Mautner Photography Bootcamp" as a way to showcase the techniques I've learned and continue to practice since attending the workshop. 


Captured in City Hall, Philadelphia, PA.

  Image was taken at Crown Plaza hotel in Cherry Hill, NJ. 

Image was taken at Crown Plaza hotel in Cherry Hill, NJ. 

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