About Me

I'm a photographer located in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area that specializes in Real Estate Photography. 

About me

I'm a photographer located in the Philadelphia/South jersey area. I specialize in photographing all types of real estate.

When I first started in photography I thought taking pictures of homes would be easy. I soon found out it was very difficult to create images you see in magazines and other types of marketing material.

I became a serious student of this craft and years later I've created a style that produces high end results on a consistent basis. 

Believe it or not properly photographing real estate is not as easy as it may seem. It requires specialized equipment, skills, knowledge and years of experience.

Knowing exactly where to place the camera, which lenses and settings to use, how to capture the true colors of the space and how to control the lighting are all important factors.  

In addition, having an excellent skill set in processing these images with specialized software is as critical as taking the actual image. 

As with any career or industry, continued education and training is extremely important. I truly enjoy learning new techniques and skills that will ultimately help me produce better images.